Happy Birthday, America!

A Joyous BirthdayI’m finally getting around to posting another postcard on the site.

This postcard seemed appropriate to celebrate the Fourth of July!

There is no postmark on the back, but it is addressed to Errett Motter and is signed by Russell M.

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Joseph Andrew Motter-Obituary

Joe Motter Memorial ServiceYesterday we celebrated the life of my father, Joesph Motter.  While it was very sad to be saying goodbye to my Dad just shy of two months after saying goodbye to Mom, his memorial service was perfect.

I have to thank my brother, Steve Motter and his wife Joy, for putting the service together and making sure that it represented our Dad…..they did an amazing job! Continue reading

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If Only The Artifacts Could Talk!

Tobias pocket watch and winderHello again!  I haven’t been able to bring myself to post in a very long time.  I apologize for the long hiatus.  The last year and half has been very rough , but I’m going to try to get back in the habit of regularly posting and sharing what I know regarding the Motter family history.

The last time that I went to Mansfield to take my Mom, Arlene Motter, to her chemo treatments, she sent me home with a box of “family history” artifacts that she wanted me to look through and do some research on.  I am finally getting around to posting some of what I have found.
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Joe Motter

Celebration of the life of Joe MotterIt’s been a while since I have posted anything on this site and for that I have to apologize.  It has been difficult for me to write about earlier generations of the Motter family tree when the current generations are dealing with ongoing illnesses and making difficult decisions about the future.

Today I thought it would be therapeutic for me to post a photographic collage celebrating the life of my father, Joseph Motter. As the photographs suggest, music, family, and hard work have always been important to my Dad!

No matter what the next few weeks bring, my Dad has the love and support of his family!

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