Easter Greetings 1912

Easter postcard 1912This month’s postcard is postmarked April 3, 1912 in Bucyrus, Ohio and is addressed to “Miss Hazel Kimble Ada Ohio, W. Center St. Continue reading

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Mr. Errett Motter and Class

Errett MotterThis photograph does not indicate where or when it was taken.

According to a 1970 article in the Ada Herald, Errett taught school in both Hancock and Hardin counties from 1920 to 1925.

Maybe someone out there will recognize the school and some of the students.

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Train Wreck

Train Wreck 1This week’s post features two photographs of a train wreck.  My father, Joseph Motter, believes that the wreck occurred in Ada, Ohio.

The second photograph seems to indicate that the cars were from the Pennsylvania Line Railroad.  Based on the clothing styles, I am guessing these photoTrain Wreck 2graphs were taken in the late 19th or early 20th century.  If you happen to know when and where this train wreck occurred, please let me know.

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USS Iowa, Battleship Number 4

USS IowaThis month’s postcard features the USS Iowa, the first seagoing battleship.  The USS Iowa was launched on March 28, 1896 and saw a great deal of action during the Spanish-American War. During WWI, the Iowa primarily served as a training ship.  In April 1919, the Iowa was renamed Battleship No. 4 so that the name could be used for one of the newer battleships.  In 1923, she took her final voyage through the Panama Canal and was used as a target ship, ultimately sinking in the Gulf of Panama. Continue reading

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