Obituary-Newman Billings

1812 VeteranPublished in the Mansfield Gazette, January 9, 1828.

DIED–On the 27th ult. [The abbreviation “ult.” stands for the Latin “ultimo,” or last—a date last month, during the preceding month] in Madison Township, Mr. Newman Billings.  His death was occasioned by a fall from a horse, which he received about ten days before his death.

Newman Billings was Hazel Kimble’s great, great grandfather.  Billings was born in Virginia in 1780.  Newman married Jane Roberts in Berkley County, Virginia [now part of West Virginia.] on October 1, 1802.  Billings served in the 1st Regiment of the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812.  Newman and Jane had thirteen children, five sons and eight daughters.  Hazel Kimble was a descendent of Solomon Billings.

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