Cora Motter Weds Park McElroy

cora_motter_mcelroyAs published in the Ada Record on July 2, 1902.

June Weddings

On Wednesday evening, June 25, 1902, at the home (of) the bride, four miles north of Ada, occurred the marriage of Miss Cora Motter to Mr. R. P. McElroy both of Hancock county.The ceremony was performed at 8 o’clock in the presence of the immediate relatives, Rev. Eli L. Motter, brother of the bride officiating.  After the company had assembled and a beautiful wedding march rendered by Mrs. P. R. Gregory, sister of the bride, the words were spoken which united two hearts for life.

Shortly after the congratulations within, the very house was shaken by the congratulations from without.  The “bellin” was quite complete, and after being treated to peanuts the boys “gave em another round” and quietly left for their homes.

Both bride and groom have been students at the O.N.U.  The bride completed the course in piano in ’96 and has since been successfully engaged in teaching music.

The groom is an alumnus of Findlay college, graduating in the Philosophical course with the class of ’96.  For three years he was a member of the faculty of Defiance college where he was instructor in the sciences and is now a senior in the Baltimore Medical College.

The bride and groom have a host of friends who will unite in wishing them a long, happy and useful life.

[Cora Motter was the daughter of John Motter and sister of Andrew Motter.]

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  1. Apparently there is a french tradition of friends and family of the newly married couple gathering together to clang pots and pans, ring bells, and blow horns which are all intended to startle and interrupt the couple. When the couple hears the noise, they have to come out still wearing their wedding attire and provide their “tormentors” with refreshments. I’m guessing this is the “belling” that the wedding announcement refers to.

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