Lessons From An Unidentified Photograph

Harry Hamilton_Errett Motter-1901This photograph has no identification on the back, but after looking at earlier photographs that I have posted, I believe I know who these children are.

If you look at the 1901 photograph of Errett Motter that I posted a couple of weeks ago, you’ll notice that this is the same child and he is wearing the exact same gown.  Clearly the child on the right is Errett Motter.

The photograph that I am posting today was also taken at the Clutter Photography studio in Ada, Ohio just like the one I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Based on the fact that Errett is wearing the exact same gown at the exact same photography studio, I am guessing that the two photographs were taken on the same day in 1901.

Now to figure out who the boy on the left is…..After looking at a photograph that I posted a while back of “Uncle Harry and his dog”, I believe that the boy on the left is Harry Hamilton.  Harry was the youngest child of Jonathan Hamilton and was Errett’s uncle (Osa Hamilton Motter’s brother).  The photograph of Harry and his dog was taken when Harry was a bit older, but you can clearly see that it is the same person.  You can also see that he is wearing what appears to be the same pocket watch in both of the photographs.

I will close with a plea for everyone to please be sure to label your photographs clearly.  Whether they are the old fashioned film photographs or digital images, take the time to clearly name/label them.  When appropriate give complete names (first and last) and if you are going to mention their relation to you or someone else, be sure to spell that out clearly (ie. Aunt and Uncle John Smith….Give the “Aunt’s” first name and maiden name and how they are related to you.  Keep in mind that someone reading the file name or back of a photograph fifty years from now may not know who “you” are….give some detail!).  Taking a little extra time now to label a photograph will help future generations piece together the rest of the family story!

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