Carnegie Library, Xenia, Ohio

Carnegie Library-Xenia, OHThis month’s postcard happens to be a building that is still standing about eight miles away from where I live, the Carnegie Library in Xenia, Ohio.

The postcard is postmarked May 30, 1910, 8 P.M. in Xenia, Ohio.The postcard is addressed to Mr. Errett Motter c/o A.R. Motter R.D. Ada, Ohio and reads as follows, “I am coming up to Ada Wednesday & I want to see you.  I can throw you down if you are not too big.  Your cousin, George Motter”  I wonder if George was just passing through Xenia or if he was living there at this time.  Another mystery for me to look into!

Carnegie Library 2013

The photo to the right is how the Carnegie Library looks today.  Unfortunately, the library has been unoccupied and fallen into disrepair over the last fifteen years or so.  I find it interesting that the postcard shows that the bricks were once red.




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One Response to Carnegie Library, Xenia, Ohio

  1. Theresa Ryder says:

    That is wonderful. There used to be Carnegie endowed libraries all over the U.S., but I think quite a few of them have been lost.

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