Hazel’s Scrapbook-Inside Front Cover

Inside Front CoverThis is the inside cover to Hazel’s scrapbook.  I do not know when Hazel put this scrapbook together, but based on her signature (as seen here), I am guessing that she may have been in her late teens.

As I mentioned in my previous post, calling cards were primarily used between 1832 and 1901.  Hazel was born in 1898, so I have my doubts that the calling cards that are displayed were cards left for her.  In fact, many of the cards were from friends and family members of her mother, Jessie Brown.  My theory is that Jessie may have collected these cards when she was younger and upon her death in 1915 (when Hazel would have been about seventeen), they may have been passed on to Hazel. 

I could imagine a teenage girl wanting to create a memorial for her mother and perhaps that is what this scrapbook represents.  We will never really know what Hazel’s intent was in creating this, but it is an interesting glimpse into some of her relatives on her Mom’s side of the family.

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