Cedar Point Postcard

cedar point 1911This month’s postcard features the Coliseum and Grove at Cedar Point, Ohio.

The postcard was postmarked on July 12, 1911 at 9:00 AM at Cedar Point, Ohio.The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Andy Motter [Osa Hamilton Motter] Ada Ohio R.F.D.

July 11-1911

We came here today. Roy [Thomas Roy Hamilton] is attending the Bar association.  Will go home tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.  Effie & Jess [Jesse Howard Hamilton and his wife, Effie] are staying with ma [Sarah Anderson had already passed away by this date, so I’m unsure of who “ma” is].

Leta. [Leta McBride Hamilton, wife of Thomas Roy Hamilton]

Side note:
When I first found this postcard, I couldn’t believe that Cedar Point, Ohio was around in 1911…..so I had to do some research.  Cedar Point first opened as a beer garden and public bathing beach in 1870.  Visitors had to travel on the Steamer, Young Reindeer, in order to get to the beach.  In 1888, a large, Grand Pavilion opens that featured an auditorium, bowling alleys and dining facilities. The first roller coaster was built in 1892 and was twenty-five feet tall and reached a top speed of ten miles per hour!  The Coliseum that is pictured on this postcard was built in 1906 on the new park midway.

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