Hazel Kimble’s Scrapbook-Page 4

Scapbk p4This is page four of Hazel Kimble’s scrapbook.

The majority of the cards on this page belonged to friends and relatives of Jessie Brown (Hazel’s mother). 

Names that I could identify include:

  • Ona Brown, according to the 1880 census, Ona was the daughter of Joseph A. Brown, living in Wyandot County.  This could be a cousin of Jessie’s.
  • Lillie Kimble.  Lillie was Joseph Kimble (Hazel’s father) sister.  Note that the upper left hand corner is folded down.  It seems that there were rules surrounding the use of calling cards and folded corners were sending a message.  A folded upper left hand corner meant that the “caller” was expressing congratulations.
  • Lucy A. Brown.  Lucy was the daughter of Benjamin and Jane Billings Brown, Jessie Brown’s Aunt.
  • Adelle Brown.  Adelle was the daughter of Joseph A. Brown.  Again, this could be a cousin of Jessie’s.
  • Benjamin Brown.  Benjamin was Jessie’s grandfather (father of Oliver C. Brown, Jessie’s father).
  • J.A. Kimble.  This is Joseph Kimble who married Jessie in 1885.  Hazel Kimble’s father.
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