Ohio Northern University ROTC Cadets-1912

1912 OH Northern ROTCHappy Memorial Day!

Since it’s Memorial Day and we’re honoring our Veterans who have served throughout our history, this postcard seemed appropriate.There is not a lot of detail on the back of the postcard, but since it is postmarked from Ada and has an Ada photographer’s stamp on the front, I am guessing that these are ROTC cadets from Ohio Northern University.  Also, the person who wrote the postcard only listed last names, so I’m hopeful that maybe someone can provide the first names of these men.  There is clearly a connection between the writer and my grandfather, Errett Motter, but I am not clear as to what that connection was.  Any information that anyone might have regarding this photograph would be greatly appreciated.

The postcard is postmarked January 18, 1912 at 10:00 A.M. in Ada, Ohio and is addressed to Mr. Errett Motter, Ada, O #2

The postcard reads:

Top Row, Left far right, Davis, McCleary, Allen, Yzanaga, McKinnon.
Maheffey, Brozo, Capt. Tressel. Elliott, Thomas.

What do you think of bunch Kid. Make you feel like getting in it.

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