Last Will and Testament of John Motter

John MotterI recently requested part of John Motter’s Estate file from the Hardin County courthouse.  When reading through this post, you might want to keep a few things in mind.  First, John was a farmer and as such he needed a large family to assist with running the farm.  As you can tell from this record, he definitely had a large family.  Secondly, John was married three times.  He married his first wife, Anna Howenstine in 1858.  I don’t have any information on this first wife and it does not appear that they had any children.  John married Catherine Zollinger in 1863 and they had eleven children.  When he refers to his “first family”, he is referring to the children that were born during this marriage. After Catherine’s death in 1887, John married Anna Charles and had eight children.  From the tone of the last part of his will, it sounds like there may have been some bad feelings between some of the members of the two families. Continue reading

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Ohio Northern University ROTC Cadets-1912

1912 OH Northern ROTCHappy Memorial Day!

Since it’s Memorial Day and we’re honoring our Veterans who have served throughout our history, this postcard seemed appropriate. Continue reading

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Sarah Ann Anderson Hamilton

Sarah Ann Anderson HamiltonSarah Ann Anderson was born on November 17, 1842 in Hancock County, Ohio. Sarah was the daughter of William and Jane Anderson.  Unfortunately, I have not determined Jane’s maiden name.

Sarah married Jonathan Hamilton on August 24, 1865 and to them were born nine children, including Osa Hamilton of whom I am descended.  On July 17, 1900, at the age of 57, Sarah passed away.  She is buried in Thompson Cemetery in Hancock County, Ohio.

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Easter Greetings 1912

Easter postcard 1912This month’s postcard is postmarked April 3, 1912 in Bucyrus, Ohio and is addressed to “Miss Hazel Kimble Ada Ohio, W. Center St. Continue reading

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